The Laval Photometric Indoor HDR Dataset

Full-HDR photometric high resolution indoor panoramas

This dataset contains 2362 high resolution indoor panoramas, captured using a Canon 5D Mark III and a robotic panoramic tripod head. The camera, with its Sigma 8mm fisheye lens, was calibrated using 130 scenes with the corresponding photometric measurments from a Konica Minolta CL-200A chroma meter. Each capture was multi-exposed (22 f-stops) and is fully HDR, representing luminance values. Panoramas were stitched from 6 captures (60 degrees azimuth increment) and were captured in a wide variety of indoor environments.

This work extends the Laval Indoor HDR Dataset.

This research was supported by Sentinel North, NSERC grant RGPIN 2020-04799, and the Digital Research Alliance Canada. The authors thank Mojtaba Parsaee and Anthony Gagnon for their help with the chroma meter and the Theta Z1 calibration.

For the original dataset, the authors gratefully acknowledge Adobe for funding this project. We also thank Jean-Michel Fortin, Samuel Delisle, Guillaume Doyon, and Gabriel Lavin-Muller for their help with data capture and processing. Thanks also to Dominic Bilodeau, Louis-Emile Robitaille and Frédéric St-Pierre who participated in earlier iterations of the data capture process.