The Laval Face & Lighting HDR Dataset

HDR high resolution faces captured outdoor with corresonding full-HDR illumination

9 subjects were recruited for this task and were asked to be photographed with a mostly neutral expression. They were photographed under 25 different lighting conditions. There were 8 male and 1 female subjects, most with fair skin. Subjects had varying amounts of facial hair, ranging from none to full beards. Each shooting session was performed in the following sequence of steps. First, another Canon 5D Mark III camera mounted on a robotic tripod at the planned facial capture location, and an exposure bracketed sequence of photographs was captured at different orientations, and merged into an HDR spherical environment map of the illumination conditions. Second, the tripod was removed and each subject was asked to stand at the same location, one at a time, in quick succession. In all, we performed 25 such shooting sessions for a total of 137 face/lighting pairs.